Been looking at some Schecter guitars including the newer C-1 Blackjack FR witch is priced at 499 $ and on the same website the less recent C-1 Blackjack ( His Floyedless Brother ) is priced at 599 $ ( witch is the regular price on other websites ) i Haven't seen the C-1 Blackjack FR on other sites however. Any ideas guys ? I don't feel like buying a cheap rip-off...cause it kinda seems unreal...

C1-BLACKJACK : http://www.worldmusicsupply.com/cart/default.asp?Prod=C1-BLACKJACK

Any help \ advice is welcomed.
Thx in advance.
honestly unless you're interested in buying straight from the internet, I suggest you check some shop near by, there may some better deals on the same guitars.
I'm not really sure what the problem is? Are you surprised that the Blackjack FR is cheaper than the reg Blackjack? If you are surprised by that, don't be the reg BJ lists at a higher price than the FR anyway
congrats my friend youve just stunmbled upon oppurtunity

i ordered my amplifier from this site and when i thought i was getting the combo amp for 599 i was actually getting the head, i didnt notice it until after i ordered and they gave me the 700 dolalr combo for 600.

tis a good deal indeed

so order the one with the floyd rose for 499 and if the guitar you get doesnt have a FR, contact the copmpany and for your trouble they will send you the correct guitar no extra charge

i dont know whats up with this company but they have many website errors but it is definatley a great oppurtunity
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Awsome , thanks bro. Ill buy it then, i doubt ill find a better deal i live in Canada and the prices are way higher than it would be just paying the guitar + Shipping. THX