This isn't really going to work. Eastern music sounds eastern because its not built on the 12 chromatic tones that Western music is. Playing a guitar in a certain tuning isn't going to achieve much.

I have seen special fret things you can buy so you can make your guitar more like a sitar by adding extra frets in between the existing ones, to match the tones used in Eastern music.
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^ I agree. Also, a sitar is actually tuned to the individual piece that the musician is playing. Each fret can be moved up and down the instrument to achieve the tuning that they want. A sitar also has 11 or 13 sympathetic strings which gives the drone tones that makes its sound so unique -- among other things like the bridge and toombas. You can play eastern music on a guitar, the songs are actually based on one chord -- they don't modulate but a guitar is still a guitar and won't sound like a sitar.
you can give your guitar a sitar like twang by bending/weaving a paperclip between the strings near the bridge. you wont get the tuning of a sitar but it makes a lovely attempt at the tone.

search youtube. there is a guy on there with a tutorial, such as it is.
Thank you please.