A few months ago i bought myself A peavey combo 115. Now when i went to my local shop i tried the amp and loved the features and extra options this amp offers. I could not play with it to its full potential but my dealer said its a perfect amp for jamming. So with my experience with the amp and his word i bought it. Played with it at home and shook the house! (Broke a mirror but it was not well hung). anyway when i went to play with my drummer he couldnt hear a thing...heard it a little right next to him. Sooo i tweaked my EQ till i got a nice punchy tone with good volume and still no use...Long story short should i spring for a cab? or is it my drummers fault for playing to intense and loud. After speaking to a 25+ year bassist he tells me it could most likly be the drummer but the drummer cant help it...Anyway sorry if i rambled but i need some advice if i should get a cab and which one? Price range is less than $450
Its a 60 watt amp isn't it? If so, the drummer is not to fault. That amp simply isn't very loud. If your price range is only up to $450 than I suggest an Ashdown MAG, used would be better. A Fender Bassman 150 might work too.
i got a Ashdown MAG 300watt combo and it is great i can play with a drummer and a guitarist and i dont even have to go anywhere near its maximum volume
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The sad part is....this amp is 200W of raw power and i do know there are other things besides wattage that makes the volume...i was very disapointed when this was put to the test...ya so its 200W
I forgot to add that the Cabs i was looking at were the Peavey TVX 210 or the TVX 115.
the amp is just a "Peavey Combo 115" combo amp. Its not the TNT or the TKO. Im assuming anyway because of the online info im gettin and the modle name in my manual.
Well it'll take a 4 or 8 ohm extension cab so maybe a 4 ohm 210 would make it a bit louder and clearer. Or maybe you just want a louder amp. A 200W 115 combo should be audible though. Your bass doesn't have a really low output level, does it? And you're keeping the EQ pretty much flat?
unless your amp is less than 50 watts your drummer could have something wrong with his ear
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