So this is a song I made after lots of lessons on theory and what not. It actually started as a 16-bar exercise, but I decided to expand it to the point where I could call it a song.

C4C, and enjoy.

P.S. This is a usual break from my metal writing, so if it's not up to an instrumentals standards, well, that's probably why .
Wow... not what I was expecting at all. Great musicianship there... unlike a lot of pieces that get put up here.

Sorry I didn't go more in depth, I'm feeling pretty lazy right now.
I'm a person.
dude, for an exercize that was great! do you have any other stuff?
dude crazy work i wnjoyed it a lot, but ive got some things to say. Youve got pretty known tunes in there, cant remember all of them but in the chorus those are exaclty the chords from the Boston song - More than a feeling.Give it a listen.Than that Em D C i know a lot from Garage INC of metallica(duuh) like Astronomy and Turn the page(the distorted part, and i know theyre covers)
the solo parts are amazing.I wish i could do smt like that, i kept trying to figure some but cant ease off the pentatonic minor.I need more work.But great stuff!
Crit mine please(its in my sig)?