This is a stupid thread, besides there is a gigantic opeth thread.
Wouldnt it make sence to go in the Opeth thread for an Opeth question?


You act as though something is wrong here. It all looks fine to me.
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Everyone gets angry when you post a thread about a topic on which there is already a thread.
Veteran UGer. Suck it.
I don't see anything wrong. You posted an unnecessary thread; you got pointed to the Only Opeth Thread.

One poster started dissing Opeth; he got his ass kicked.
yeah yeah yeah
i didnt know there was an opeth thread
now it seems obvious and all, but the thread turned out funny IMO

If you searched it you wouldve been fine.

But yeah the forum is full of hateful elitists.

Ahh it was only funny because of that troll


I'll give you that, you ended up attracting a level 28 troll to your thread.
The Opeth thread is almost always on the first page.
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Looks like business as usual to me. Someone didn't read the rules, then their thread got closed. Welcome to the internet.
Stop being a sook.
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