I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe but have been thinking about getting a new amp for gigs. I was originally going to go for the Peavey Windsor 120w half stack, but a second ago I saw this: Hot Rod Deluxe Extension Cab

So my question is...if I get this cab, which is 80w and hook it up to the Hot Rod Deluxe, which is 40w....will my setup than be 120w? lol I understand this seems like a math problem a 1st grader would be doing but i'm not too witty when it comes to stacks and such. Really I'm just wondering if the hot rod deluxe will put out 40 tube watts even when its hooked up to the extension cab.

This is the most embaressing question i've ever had to ask
First question. Where are you playing for gigs? You have to be playing a pretty damn large venue for the Hot Rod Deluxe to not be loud enough.

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Well I haven't had any yet, but it will be in backyards of frat houses and stuff like that. 40 tube watts isn't THAT much...
No, you will just have a 40 watt amp which has a cabinet which has a 80 watt rating.
It will spread out the sound more and make it a bit fuller, not necessarily louder.

And no, it won't increase your wattage
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Quote by stinger12345
Well I haven't had any yet, but it will be in backyards of frat houses and stuff like that. 40 tube watts isn't THAT much...

40 tube watts is pretty damn loud. Should be more than enough to blast out a backyard.
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I have one of those amps and I have it on 1.5 out of 12 for practice indoors. You sure you need more beef?
Dude I don't care if I need it or not. I just want it. Will one amp power three extension cabinets? Can they all be hooked up to each other so they can be stacked side by side. Because that would look pretty bad ass. Someone help me out before I spend too much.
40 tube watts is loads. you dont need something bigger unless your playing in like, i dont think you need a cab dude
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