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SRV is the best... thats it
Um, lets see.... i cant pick a favorite
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texas flood is pretty ****in sweet.
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Ya, I like pretty much all of his instrumental stuff the best:
Rude Mood
Little Wing
Scuttle Buttin'
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Texas flood, pride and joy, cold shot, lenny, say what, life without you. those are my favorites and i frickin love him
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SRV has such great dynamics in his playing. He took the best of all the great blues men and melded it into his own special mix. There is no "greatest guitarist in the world" but there are legends, and he is definately one of those bright stars.

A fav tune? There are just too many and leaving one out would be a crying shame.
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SRVVVVVV!!! Love the guy, probably the biggest influence in my soloing. Gotta love all the classics, I was happy to hear Pride and Joy in a Ford commercial, or whatever car it was. My favorite's probably his cover of Little Wing. I came in my pants the first time I heard it. But maybe that was from my gf jackin me off at the same time...
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In my opinion, hes the best electric blues player. His feel and technique can not be beat. My playing style is basically based around him, but lately i have been listening to a bit more jazz

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Not really. I find his style/tone a bit insipid. meh, he's alright.
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I am unswayed, he was a good guitar player and an alright singer but there are loads of people who are better. I can see why people like him so much, he was pretty unique and had a good personality and stuff but I don't think he's as godly a guitar player or blues guy in general, as everyone makes him out to be. I think it's just another case of someone dying young/tragically/whatever and then people automatically put them up on a pedestal. (Kurt Cobain anyone?)

So yeah, he's okay, I like him, but I don't worship him like alot of people.

My favourite song of his is either Tinpan Alley or Dirty Pool. Good slow blues.