and post your sex, approximate height (in feet or inches), and shoe size (us).

im doing an assignment for stats class, and i need that info from 13 males and 13 females.

thanks, lol.
Male, 6'2", 13
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male/5'11"/size 10/horny

and my girlfriend

female/5'3"/size 7/not horny
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there are not females in UG

male 6'1 shoe 12
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male, 5' 8", size 12 1/2
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Male, 5'7", US 9 1/2
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thanks a lot guys. i only actually need height for females, so im using the roster to my university's softball team lol.
male, 5'6, 10
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Female, 5'7½", 9 in women's

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um... wouldn't you need the age too? so that way you wouldn't have a group mixed with 13 yr olds who haven't reached anywhere near their full height and adults that have pretty much stopped growing?
Male, 6'3", 13
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