alright so i have a 1984 kramer and it is really sounding like dirt these days and i dont like that haha its just to bassy and muddy. so i was gonna get some new pick ups for it, now the stuff im looking for is what ever pick up Mick Mars used back in the 80s in his kramers, or something close to it, i googled it and i couldnet find for the life of me what he used!

so if you guys could help me out and tell me what type of pick ups would get me started on his sound, i figured out all his amp settings and such so no worries there, but i need new pick ups for the guitar so i figured why not get something close to, or what he uses!

thanks alot guys!
whats your amp?
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well i think in his Fenders, he used stock pups.
and i believe in his otherd he used Dimarzio's of some sort.
correct me if im wrong, cuz im not sure.
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If it was the very early 80's he was probably using a Dimarzio Super Distortion...because that's pretty much all there was!
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