I've been looking around for a bass amp for a while now, and now that I got a job my budget for a bass amp has grown to $500 USD, (possibly 600 if its that much better than anything else. I'm looking for a combo, because of availability of space. I play in a band (some punk/alternative/hardcore), but I'd like my amp to not be limited to those genres. I've been doing some looking around and played through Fender Bassman, which i liked and was able to be heard over a fairly aggressive drummer (I believe it was 100W, im not sure, all i remember is it had a 15" speaker). I was wondering if anyone has had experience with those types of amps or could mention some others I could look into.
I'm not gonna go run out and buy one right this instant, I just want to know of some so I can take a long look at them since I'd be dropping $500 on it.
I've heard good things about carvin, but I'd love to be able to play around with it first, but i can't. I'd look into those a little more if I cant find something I can't try first. I may order online but like I said I'd love to be able to try it.
Well if you live close to Sacramento, San Diego, Hollywood, Santa Ana, or Covina, you can try them out. Thats what i did when i went to San Diego on vacation.
I live right around Los Angeles and could get down to hollywood easily. Where could I try them out exactly? Cuz guitar center and sam ashes' web site doesnt know they exist and thinks I wanted to search "Carvings"
I believe Carvin have an outlet store there, not sure though. Afterall this is just an absolute guess.

And quicksilver, your lyrics are pretty good, just looked at them

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I just checked and the covina store is like 20 mins away so I'll for sure go check that. Aside from carvin and ashdown, is there any other brand I should make sure I take a long look at?

and thank you rywad, those are from a couple months ago, for a band that currently does not exist. .
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Ashdown MAG 300watts of power http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ashdown-MAG-C210T300-Combo-Bass-Amp?sku=485033

its really good i reckon, and i play with an aggressive drummer and guitarists as well

Actually, it only comes with 180W ish out of the box. You need an extension cab to get the full 307W out of it.
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Do they do carvin in the UK for teh direct price or the listed price? http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/group.php?cid=7

I'm not sure on the price but these guys http://guitarlefty.com/diego.htm are re-sellers and 'stock' most popular models of Carvin stuff, and if they don't have it they order it in... Seems good to me, may have to give them a phone to see there prices.

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oh man i wish i could play that carvin, it looks badass

but try out the ampeg ba115, its very nice
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I will make sure to head over to the carvin dealer the first chance i get the car for a couple hours, but I've been looking into the Ashdowns as well, although which one would seem better?(Electric blue or MAG although someone already mentioned the MAG)
Also does anyone have experience with Kustom amps? Because these two caught my eye:

I just got an Ashdown MAG C115-300. I love it.
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I would really like to avoid a cab, and stick with a good combo, due to my band's shakey future without a drummer and for lack of room, but if its something i love when i try it, i could wait another 6 months for it.
Electric blue is a lower range of amps than the mag series. they due a 300 watt mag with 15" ,2x10" or 4x10" speakers. alot of choice. the 15" one is the smallest combo in size. hope that helps. its bloody great if you could get the carvins for their direct price, the curse of being in UK dammit!!