After getting through ALL my GAS ordeals, I'm planning to get a Strat, but I'm not sure whether I should get a Fender Strat, or a G&L Comanche/Legacy. Chances are, I'm planning to change a lot of things, and the biggest thing that concerns me is quality to price ratio; how a Fender deals against a G&L of the same price, and how the G&L bridge deals against a Fender bridge. Currently, I'm leaning towards the G&L.

Oh, and what body wood were the original Fender Strats? I'm thinking Alder or Ash, probably Alder though.
a strat would complement your tele nicely

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Definatley the G/L bro
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The original 1954 strats were ash, but they switched to alder around 56-57. The ash comes back in to play in the 70s on their natural finish strats.
I'm mainly looking for a Black one with an Ash Body. I'm thinking of changing the pick-ups, pickguard, and probably the neck. It really does come down to the bridges. So, anyone compared the two bridges?