I am trying to learn some solos from iron maiden, GnR and other bands like that. Now I noticed when it gets into fast note sequences I find whenever I release my finger from a string it leaves it ends up acting like a hammer on to an open string. Am I just using the wrong technique? What can I do to correct this?
technique.. use your fretting hand to lightly touch the other strings to stop them from sounding when you leave a string..
The only thing I could suggest would be to release the tension on the fret without completely letting go of the string, and then move on to whatever.

Other than that, I suggest consciously trying to smooth out the motions of your fretting hand.
Ya right or wrong I ended up flattening out on finger to lightly touch the string to quiet it down. Cause it seems no matter how slowly/smoothly I release it bites my finger till the end and then rings pretty good upon release.