hi i'm trying to start my first pedal board. so i was wondering what pedals would be good to buy first. i play rock and blues. i have a crate flexwave and a fender strat. i also have a digitech rp80 multieffects board but i want individual pedals. thank you
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ehh, what type of music you play? what type of amp, if tube possible an od pedal?
Like the other guy said, if you have a tube amp, then you should buy an overdrive pedal, and if your amp doesn't have or has a bad distortion channel, then you should look at one of those.
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a digitech multieffects pedal works and its cheap, but as you go on you might want to consider name brand wah or grunge or whatever you're into pedals

but multieffects pedals give you a lot of different effects for usually a lot cheaper than buying seperate pedals
if you are just going to start using effect pedals, buy a multieffect... then after a few months, you will know which effects you need to buy in stomp box form to get high quality out of it...

for me I use the Boss OS-2 for overdrive/distortion, Boss DS-1 for distortion, and a Dunlop Crybaby Wah for wahing
I'm not trying to be an ass but get a pedal tuner as well.

Also another pedal would be a Line 6 DL4. Has some really cool effects.

Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal, for anything really.
maybe an overdrive or distortion pedal by Boss if you feel like it. they're cheap, get the job done.
^ You just suggested two of the worst possible pedal that you can.

The original crybaby is godawful, and Boss only makes two or three good dirt pedals IMO.
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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For modulation type effects look into MXR, for OD, DS, and that lot, go for EHX. Boss makes a nice tremolo pedal, but I don't really like the stuff they have to offer for distortion.
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