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Which singers out there come up with the best lyrics?

not how they sing it, which is a thread unto itself, but lyrics, read straight from the page. A song is a journey, they lyrics are a story, through which the emotion of a song is conveyed, in a perfect song, paralleled by the music.

Axl Rose
ex. Paradise City, Sweet Child o Mine, Nightrain

Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy
ex. Jailbreak, Cowboy Song, the Rocker

five minutes of brainstorming and this is all I can think of. Robert Plant has his moments, but it's a little too out there for me. Also James Hetfield does a decent job.

any others?
speaking of Axl Rose... Against Me!'s song "Reinventing Axl Rose" has the best lyrics of any song i've ever known... you should seriously read them

a sample is

"we want a band that plays loud and hard every night, that doesn't care how many people are counted at the door, that will travel one million miles and ask for nothing but a plate of food and a place to rest"

how amazing are those! - too bad they sold out now..
J. Loren of Hurt, take a listen to House Carpenter then Summer's Lost (the song's sequel, effectively). Now there's a journey.

" Nights without end seem to bleed into days / Try to forget that it turned out this way / I wear the mark of the permanent stain / Not accidentally, I cursed god's good name / I am still mortified yet believed in a way / That when my days are done / We'll be in the same plane / With winters mean brimstone I set sail for Euphrates / All I can say is it's a god damned shame "

Got carried away a bit there, but I love that whole passage.

Aside from that - obvious mentions go to Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and possibly Kurt Cobain when it comes to lyrics.
I love Robert Plant (especially Stairway to Heaven and Battle of Evermore), but not so much James, but eh, he has some shining moments. Honestly, Davey Havok from AFI wrote alot of good lyrics on the Sing the Sorrow album (before Decemberunderground) because they were very poetic and beautiful. Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree has some really beautiful lines, but other times they are just okay. The lyrics for earlier Avenged Sevenfold are really good on some of the tracks, especially on a few songs on the Waking the Fallen album. lol...a folk band by the name of Tanglefoot from Canada has some really nice pieces, but you'll probably never here them lol, but Immigrant's Tears is really pretty, simple, but pretty. But, yeah, I have a hard time saying that I like alot of older rock's lyrics because so much of it isn't that thought provoking, but I love old rock, but I just prefer deeper lyrics.
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Quote by pixiesfanyo
many times people refer to me as a lyrical master or 'wizard'.

I second that emotion.

Oh and Peter Gabriel writes some great lyrics.
Brent Smith - Shinedown
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I say Jack Johnson... John Mayer has some good ones. and Jimi Hendrix was killer. all three are amazing.

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Elliott Smith and Billy Corgan have their moments.
Also, Robert Smith.
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Quote by aznmetalhead93
Insomnium's lyrics are absolutely beautiful imo.

agreed, insomnium is all around amazing.

how about Geezer Butler, who wrote many of Black Sabbath's lyrics?

also, Albert Witchfinder of Reverend Bizarre is a great lyric writer, everything is a story
Well, as everybody knows, my man with the raincoat in the Tower of Song is one of them.
Thom Yorke
Neil Young
Ozzy Osbourne
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Quote by mr_magic
Well, as everybody knows, my man with the raincoat in the Tower of Song is one of them.

Well struck, good sir!
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Quote by Mamakin1973
Thom Yorke of radiohead is easily my favorite song writer. =)

u cant say tht he is better than any of the rock legends be serious
Quote by Gaz-Gtar
u cant say tht he is better than any of the rock legends be serious

Yes, I would say he definitely is better than many of the "rock" legends.

Anyways, along with Mr. Sampson whom I referenced above, some other guys that turn my crank include:

Neil Young
Isaac Brock
Tim Kasher
Jeff Mangum
Gord Downie

and more that I can't be bothered to name.
Bon scott! has everyone heard his songs like ain't no fun(waitin' round to be a milionaire, rock n roll singer and it's a long way too the top? they're are all pure magic! and about just life while trying to make it to the top! and also against autority cause of his "us" and "them"
and also the downfalls of life in works like downpayment blues and the jack
and speaking of the jack, has averyone heard how he changed the "explicit" live lyrics into a song about a deck of cards but you still see the double entendre's he is famous for
Quote by Gaz-Gtar
u cant say tht he is better than any of the rock legends be serious

No, he's very talented, in my opinion.

Other fav's:

Chris Cornell
Issak Brock
Billy Corgan

Now that I think about it, he's a phenominal writer.
Bob ****ing Dylan
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Quote by Blazn Blue
conor oberst from bright eyes. he is seriously amazing

I compleatly agree. I use to laugh at my sister for listening to Bright Eyes, but after really paying attention to conor's lyrics, I really began to enjoy his style. Extreamly poetic
bob dylan, maynard james keenan, elliott smith are no doubt "lyrical masters." and by the way just because they're the singer of your favorite band doesn't make them "lyrical masters" e.x. the dude who said shinedown....
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Some people may think I'm crazy, but I think Randy Blythe and Mark Morton from Lamb of God write some good stuff. Sacrament was, in my opinion, a very well written album from both a musical and lyrical standpoint. And Ashes of the Wake had some of my favorite lyrics ever. For examples of what I'm talking about, check out the songs Descending, Hourglass, and Omerta.
Blue Oyster Cult has amazingly poetic lyrics. They're definetly among the best.
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Bob Dylan

Billy Bragg
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