I have an Ibanez tone blaster 150 watts amp, and when i hit 2 strings back to back i get an annoying humming/buzzing noise and when the amp is turned up i get a anyoing buzzing? What should i do?
What guitar are you using?

Have you tried plugging your guitar into a different amp and does the problem still occur?
Im not sure.

Try turning off as much electrical equipment near your amp as possible and see if that helps.
Been away, am back
I turned everything off but the amp and its like when the amp is on 2 there is no buzzing but as soon as it hits 3 it buzzes to teh point that it just gets on your nerves
Ill move this to customizing. You might get a better response in there.
Been away, am back
I can put the gain as low as 4, and the louder i turn it up the more it buzzes

This is without the guitar pluged in
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