Are the most important tools to make a solo/song is to have the knowlegde of...

Knowing the fretboard
Don't forget creativity and inspiration, those things you mentioned are definitely important though.
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Chord progressions are important for writing songs.
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Chord progressions are important for writing songs.

They can be used to solo too. Without proper knowledge of the chord progression, it would be hard to follow the chords with scale tones or determine certain aspects about the song.
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if your talking soloing, don't forget that often one note in the right place with great vibrato can really make a solo, so don't forget about getting your techniques down. (vibrato, bending), i've spent the best part of 2 years everytime I pick up my guitar I do bending excercises (single note, compound bends, blues bends), and loads of vibrato training. AS for chords adn song writing, i'm **** at that at the minute so can't give much advice other than chords are very very improtant (I wish I hadn't spent so much time playing lead and neglecting my rhythm playing)
I'd say phrasing is the most important part of soloing

phrasing can make a solo **** or excellent
If you're going to use bends in the solo make sure they're accurate, ear training will help you there.
Don't forget your ears. I know that sounds cliché, and it is, but its true. Make sure you enjoy it, and if something doesn't fit to a key, or goes outside for a bit, but it still sounds good, then use it. For instance, play a line, and you're finding the last note for it to end on. Play the line, and hum the last note so that it sounds finished. Then, figure out the note, whether its in key or not. Of course, excellent ear training will make this method a breeze.

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