so I'm messing around with a ukelele lying in the break room at work, and figure out that it's got an A G A D# tuning, figured out some chords, and it's actually a pretty fun tuning to work out of.

anybody else got some fun, non-standard tunings?
i don't know if it really counts buts... I like DADGAD. Its not standard but its nothing really new...

I was at my local music store messing around on the Roland VG-99. Which is awesome. And I had it set on a 12 string acoustic in DADGAD. I was lovin it for like... 20 minutes at least.
Well..For guitar I love using DADGAD, and open C# sometimes.

Other times I use the capo randomly and change the tuning from there so I don't really know what they're called, but damn it, it's fun and they sound great haha
DGDGBD is a fun tuning to mess around with as well. I <3 DADGAD a lot though, it holds a special place in my heart.
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dadgad is wondeful, tuning to opens chords sounds nice and make for rich harmonics like tuning to an open Emaj chords, one time just to be an asshole i tuned to an open Cmaj7#11 chord: C-G-C-F#-B-E.....it was interesting
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