Anyone have any experience with this bass? I wont be getting a new bass for awhile but i have been eyeing up this...
It's like the cheaper, 5-string version of the most perfect bass I've played for a muddy/smooth/thumpy tone.


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Warwick Fortress>>Acoustic AB50

Yea, those seem awesome.But If I were you Id get the six string version.
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I played a 705 at the london guitar show. the neck felt amazing, infact the only that ive felt fitted better in my left hand was my penis.
the strings spacing are very small tho, so its not very good for slapping, perfect for some chord playing, picking and fingering.
I played the SR500 (same bass, just one string less). Pretty nice, so much that I wanted to get the SR506, but the BTB556MP caught my view first and made me fall in love with it.
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Yay! BTB, ive ordered the 305, cos the higher models have wider string spacing and wider neck, a wide thin neck does feel very comfy, they are still awsome basses tho.