I posted this on the wrong forum last time, so here it is again...

This is a big thing for me. Now, call me talentless or dumb, but it seems to me that the only time I can come up with a halfway decent riff is when I'm playing in a drop tuning. I keep one of my guitars in Drop D and the other one in Standard C or B, depending on what I'm playing.

I'm not sure why I feel limited playing in Standard tuning but I just do. It feels like the only thing I can come up with is simple power chord riffing that's very cliche and unoriginal. Does anyone else know where I'm coming from with this?

I'd really like to start playing more in Standard, because I feel like you can do more with it if you're experienced, but I just can't seem to get past simple stuff. It's like I have a writer's block that I can't overcome.

Well, any help would be appreciated. Flame away.
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Maybe try learning some more technical songs in standard tuning, that might give you some ideas for writing your own stuff.
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i have the exact opposite problem, i can't write anything good in drop D. I like to play / write alot of thrashy riffs. I was going to try and write something like "The Things That Should not be by Metallica. I couldnt get anything to sound good in drop D. I was so surprised,because i thought it would be easy to write a heavy riff in D, but it honestly took me a while to get things flowing in D

learn a song or2 in standard maybe that will help.
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