My band just finished recording our first 3 song demo at Earart studios. Im not gonna try and explain what genre we are, because genre defining only leads to arguments, and this is not a thread meant for that, its meant for you UGers to hear some good music. So enjoy!


Leave a comment and add us!

(You can just go to the sleep system profile on UG but I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet so Im just going to rely on myspace once again).
I love "Too Much to Love" really well done up until the bridge. But thats just because I'm not a huge fan of screamo. Also, the intro to "Inside Our Head" was really nice. I love how the drums were separated. The chords sort of reminded me of "Hold me Thrill Me Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2.

All in all, there's some real potential here, you guys did a great job.
Sounds great! You guys are good.
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Sounds Fantastic. I liked the guitar solo in Watching the Sun quite a bit.
The Vocalist has a nice voice. I wish I had better speakers with me to listen.
Computer speakers kill the bass, which is to bad.

Good Job. Keep it up. Planning on going on tour?

Not bad.
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