My band just finished recording our first 3 song demo at Earart studios. Im not gonna try and explain what genre we are, because genre defining only leads to arguments, and this is not a thread meant for that, its meant for you UGers to hear some good music. So enjoy! I think our best one is Too Much Love.


Leave a comment and add us!

(You can just go to the sleep system profile on UG but I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet so Im just going to rely on myspace once again).
You could pretty easily define that as hard/alternative rock... genre defining leads to arguments on here, but in the real world being able to define your sound is like having a sales pitch, without that you can't gain any interest from any potential fans if you can't describe your sound. The guitar tone is too condensed for my taste and doesn't really have much warmth. The vocals aren't really anything that I haven't heard before but you guys have a good sound that other people like. Besides things that don't appeal to my taste I can't say much about the song. You obviously knew thats the sound you wanted and went for it, nice job you guys play well together as a band.

crit mine please - http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=894693
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thanks for that, ill take into consideration the hard/alternative rock label.

Also thanks for giving your honest opinion.

Much appreciated!
Hey, great stuff you got there man.

How much did it cost you to record in a studio?
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