Hey, I need to come up with about $200 by Monday. Give me some ideas on how to make a little bit of cash quick.
Sell drugs and or body, it's the only way and it has been said a million times. Oh, and use the search bar.
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There is no point except party and be healthy and happy. Also money is not something to live for. If i didnt need money for drugs and beer i would give mine away.

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only answer

or wait tables, people always needed to wait for private functions and stuff
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I used the search bar and it came up with lame ass answers to other TS's. I want my own lame ass answers damn it!!
IF your 18 they pay you like $300 the first time you donate plasma.

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Sell your homosexual avatar.

I would, but Im already getting offers for yours.... So I may be saved after all.
I think you can get money for donating plasma, if not sell your kidney's on the black market
generally donating = giving and giving = for free

edit: buy some weed for cheap, then sell it to some rich kids who know nothing about it for a shitload. try to become their supplier and don't let them find out the average cost.
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Donate your sperm if you're old enough.

..and attractive enough...

Seriously.... how much do they give you??? haha i thought donations are free
I know how you can make $200 real quick...

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I would, but Im already getting offers for yours.... So I may be saved after all.

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pawn shop?
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In all seriousness, buy an ounce of weed and upsell it if you don't have a problem with doing so. You probably aren't going to find a good (legal) way to make a couple hundred bucks in a few days other than a loan.

i agree. but TS, would you mind giving us a general reason why you need the money? if it's a legitimate need, you could probably borrow some money from relatives, good friends, etc.

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As an expert at being broke here is my professional opinion...

Selling sperm takes time and a waiting list. At least that's how it is at my local sperm bank. Not sure how many people are donating in your city.

You can't sell drugs because you don't have money to buy a mass amount at a decreased price to sell at an inflated price.

As someone with experience in prostitution there is a market for straight men. If you have the balls to do it the easiest independent way to sell yourself is on craigslist.

If you can't do this then borrow money from a friend or relative.

You could always sell things you steal that there is a market for. Like alcohol.

The best way of this is to go to your local supermarket and steal a bottle of Jack Daniels or Jager something people want. And sell it at a cheap price.
Sell your stuff.
Let me buy you (perminately)
Sell me your sister.
Sell me your mother.
Sell me your amp if you have one.
Sell me your children if you have any.
If you dont have any children, steal some and let me buy them off you.
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that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

Whats the $200 for?????
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What would happen if you don't have 200?

Will they take your legs?
Prostitution > busted kneecaps.
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edit: buy some weed for cheap, then sell it to some rich kids who know nothing about it for a shitload. try to become their supplier and don't let them find out the average cost.

I second this. Also, sell psilocybin mushrooms without them knowing that they can actually pick the stuff themselves
Sell something valuable...like your virginity(if you're still a virgin )
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Copper. Copper sells for a lot of money and if you can find some copper piping you've just landed a gold mine my friend. Unfortunatly its very hard to find copper piping since its the first thing builders will take if they're demolishing a building. Don't think you can go to abandoned buildings either, I guaruntee somebody has already been in there and lifted all of it. But if you do know of any large quantities of copper lying around unused then get there quickly and pinch all of it.

Drugs. An obvious one, but a lot of guys I went to University with didn't bother with a normal part time job and decided to sell drugs. They made four times as much as the guys with regular jobs, and did it in much less time. The only downside is the risk of prison and getting bummed by the bigger boys.

Security Guard at a Building Site. I did this a couple of times, you don't even need to be a big lad because you're just there to act as a deterrent. The job is to sit in the forman's office all night and walk around the site for about five minutes, waving a torch around once every hour on the hour. If anybody does turn up to say, lift the copper piping being put in you don't even have to confront them. In fact, you aren't allowed to confront them, just call the forman and the police. They don't like you confronting them because chances are, if somebody is willing to nick materials from a building site, he's willing to brain you with a 2 x 4 without hesitating. Getting this job is easy, Formen are always looking for guys to do this job because after finding out they'll be sitting on their arse for nine hours with the occasional walk to scare away people who wouldn't mind killing them, a lot of people pass on the job offer. As for how well it pays, I earned £75 ($149.432 according to xe.com) in one night, just from reading a book and taking a short walk every hour.

Become a Gigalo. Their's a lot of desperate housewives out there, too bad you'll no doubt be getting the lonely grannies more often than the hot mum who's got bored of her partner, since she'll be out picking people up for herself in bars.

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Donate your sperm if you're old enough.

..and attractive enough...

No dice. A lot of clinics are now using the term "Donate" in its literal form, so you get no money at all. If he can find a clinic that still offers money to sperm donors then yeah, its an easy and quick way to make money if he doesn't mind the possiblity of having a junior running around without his knowledge later in life.

I do have a guaranteed way of making money quickly, but it can only be done once in a while and unfortunatly doesn't work in America since you guys don't have the duty free system.
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