I know its random but I've always had an interest and never really put any effort into it. I've got this old Honor lancer that belonged to my great grandfather (key of C) and I've messed around on it but never really put time into it. So besides putting a little time into it and using my ear to get the sounds what do I need to know?
I have one but it is currently broke, i must buy a new one soon, they are awesome!

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I want to play one. I used to have one but i lost it. Im hoping to buy one here soon.
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I dont have one but i like the idea that you cant play out of key
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i taught myself how to play its really easy to pick up honestly i was able to play pretty well within about a month and a half just keep practicing
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I would, but the cheapskate who runs the music store in my town sells low quality ones for like, $70.
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I have one. I play it sometimes. It's great because you can just dick around on it and you can sound decent. Check out the harmonica group for tips and techniques.

Same. I just occasionally pick it up and play some Freight Train Blues Progression stuff sometimes when I have a minute/am waiting for something.
Tis great fun.
For blues playing you'll have to look into cross harping.
For example a progression in 'C' on a guitar will be played on a harmonica in the key of 'F'.