Does anyone know Claudio Sanchez's main guitar is? I know its gibson but which one? is it the explorer?
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If that is the guy with the Slash-like curls....than yes I've seen him play explorers a lot
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Yeah, an Explorer. Although I think I recall him using a Les Paul once or twice aswell. But the Explorer is definately his main.
Explorers and the Doubleneck SG.

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He has many explorers, (I'm pretty sure his main is the white one with the Puerto Rico flag on it, that or tha natural one with black hardware) he also has his Custom Minarik "Medusa" it's different to the production model, fancy inlays, two humbuckers, four knobs.
He also used the double neck SG for the Welcome Home video but he doesn't particually use it loads from what I've seen.

If it's of interest the other guy uses a Les Paul fitted with a bigsby a lot as well as a lapsteel on some songs.
It's a Gibson E2 explorer.

They made a short run of them in the 80's. They were unusual because their bodies are made of layers of unusual-for-gibson wood: rather than mahogany, it was made of walnut, maple, and something else, can't remember what.
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Custom Minarik Medusa

Probably more, but these are the ones he's used live over the years.
claudio doesn't use emgs anymore. keeps all of his explorers stock. he also has an e2 explorer. 2 doubleneck sg's. 2 minarik medusas, a white gibson les paul studio, and some sg's he hasn't used in a while. he uses taylor acoustic guitars. and has a couple of fenders for studio use mainly
he uses a 72 explorer (not sure if it's a reissue), formerly with EMGs, but now with stock gibson pickups (57 series?).
He uses explorers and double-neck sgs I think
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explorers 70% of time about 5% double neck sgs and the other 25% is a minarik medusa
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He records with strats.
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not really. i've got the making of their last album, him and travis used a variety of guitars for distorted tones, claudio using explorers, les pauls, and even a tele, while travis stuck to a gold es-335. for cleans they seemed to favor a blue tele (i think it was an american standard since it looked like it had 22 frets).
His main guitars are 72 Gibson Explorers, some with EMG 81/85 and some with stock pickups.

He has a White Gibson EDS-1275, which he only uses when he plays 'Welcome Home' (Trust me seen them in concert)

Travis Stever uses Gibson Les Pauls almost exclusively, he occaisionally uses an SG.
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