Hey guys,

I've been trying to get down palm muting so I can try to learn some easy Metallica riffs and stuff like that, but when I mute the strings, even as close to the bridge as possible, I'm having difficulty getting that "chugging" sound. The strings sound basically totally muted.

Am I doing it wrong? Any tips? Is it simply because I've got a cheap starter pack guitar and amp?
dont press down too hard...... u will end up killing the strings entirely, the sound will be different depending how far u are from the bridge, but u need to just rest ur palm against the strings lightly to get the muted sound
press your palm lighter against the strings and have your palm near the back of the guitar (next to the bridge).
just experiment with different placements and pressures of your palm and figure out what sounds best
You need to let the strings ring a little bit, try rocking the edge of your palm from the bridge onto the strings until you get the sound you want. What amp settings are you using? The amp equalizer settings (bass/mid/treble) can make a big difference to the type of palm muting sound you get.

      make sure the gain on your amp is ump relatively high and that you're just barely touching the strings....it comes with practice
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      just rest the palm of your picking hand on the bridge.. then try to pick,you`ll get that palm muted sound.. work it out with practice
      Quote by RiCKONZ
      Make sure your using the bridge pick-up.

      Hmm... not!
      It doesn't matter what pickup you use
      you'll still get a muted sound.
      mostly likely you think your palm is as close to the bridge as possible, but the entire width of your hand might be on there.
      Try to just barely mute them at all, it'll probably do wonders.
      Quote by RiCKONZ
      Make sure your using the bridge pick-up.

      Not always so i mainly use my neck pickup and i can still palm mute
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