Compared to a floyd rose, or similar locking tremolo? Compared to a non locking tremolo like a fender? Thanks.
This is just what I've heard...

Compared to a Locking tremolo: Lets just say don't do any dive bombs

Non-locking: Pretty freakin' good
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What are you going to play with it?

I'm not going to buy one or anything, just was curious. I am just wondering how well they generally stay in tune.
They stay in tune perfectly so long as you're using them for what they're meant for, i.e light vibrato (and also assuming you're buying a decent one and not a cheap knock-off copy, but that should be a given).

If you start trying to pull Floyd Rose whammy antics though ala Van Halen, then it can't hold tuning at all.
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They only really do 1/2 step up or down and keep any tuning. They werent made for heavy use.