Alright, I have the cash in hand.

I'm not completely satisfied with my tone, period. There are 2 things that WILL change, and I'll be happy when they do.

As for right now, I'm looking for the biggest change. What will hold me over until I can afford the other?

I have a Mesa Dual Rectifier solo head, matching cab.. etc.. but I cant crank it at bedroom volume and stand infront of it to EQ. So, here comes the Hot Plate.

Option 1:
Buy a Hot Plate!

My S7320 and H307 both have HORRIBLE pickups. The Ibby has bs stock S series pickups, and the ESP has EMG HZ's.

I could upgrade my S7320 to an X2N7in the bridge and an Evo 7 in the neck.

Option 2:
Buy the DMarzios!

Which one?
Get new pickups..and the attenuator if still neccesary
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