Take a listen to my intro song and Oxford beatdown, I wrote oxford beatdown for my buddy who was studying abroad in oxford and had a tough time out there. so the song kind of has some sentimental value.

yeah my brother mastered it using his super pro skills in fruity loops and we added some humurous sound clips from my favorite movie...

its pretty much just tough guy hardcore but it makes me happy that I wrote it!

check it out at ------------------------------ www.myspace.com/4ndylegacy
Heavy as sh*t dude!
Loved the 1/2 time feel @ about the :20 mark of Oxford Beatdown.
Don't take this the wrong way, in case you're not into them...but it kinda reminds me of Soulfly sometimes, in the overall feel. Some definite Max-isms in there, IMO.

Good entrance music for an MMA Heavy Weight fighter.

Def. some good entrance music for a boxing/mma match. And you switched the tempo up nicely- good song