i want to buy one but not sure yet

the style of music i play is hardcore
and i play in drop c/b tuning
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I know Jack Bruce of Cream (classic blues-rock) plays a Hartke (which is quite a reference). But if you want to play hardcore in drop c, I suggest hooking your bassguitar to a cement truck, it'll give you just the sound you want.
Hartke's first cabinet was built for Jaco Pastorius. Stuart Hamm and Gary Tallent (E street band) are also both Hartke fans, along with aforementioned Jack Bruce.

I've always like the sound of Hartke's and studio where I take lessons has a Hartke rig that I rather enjoy playing through.
Yeah I too would like to know about they're paper cones.. I always hear about their aluminum speakers having a tight punchy tone, but hows their paper ones? I'm on a budget.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?