I really need another guitar for my lower tunings, and I was thinking about moddin my old Bullet for it, but I then again maybe it'd be better to just buy a new guitar.

to mod the bullet so that it's acceptable I'd want to put some decent humbuckers in it, put new electronics in it, probably reshape the body and headstock and then repaint it, and buy or make a new pickguard.

I was wonderiing how much it would cost to do all this assuming I did all the installing and woodwork (no paying a guitar tech) and get one of my good artistic friends to do the paintjob and then me clearcoat it? would it be cheaper to just buy a new guitar? would it be a waste of some good hardware to put it on a bullet?
You could probably do it yourself pretty cheap, as long as you have the tools needed. Hell, you'd only need to but the new pups and paint. Plus, it's quite fun to mod it yourself. It's not a waste if you're gonna use it!

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