Hi guys, I'm new to UG, just wanted to put something on here to give an idea of where I'm at. Just did this one in the past couple days, the vocals blow, but whatever. Mostly influenced by newer metal bands from the last 10-15 years, eg. In Flames, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains....
I kind of write in that vein, so thats what this is, melodic metal.

Here's the stuff i used on this one.

Epiphone Les Paul, Seymour Duncan JB and JN
SoundBlaster Audigy2
Cool Edit Pro 2
Guitar Pro 5
Samson Q7 mic

thanx for any comments.
very nice! like the hardcore guitars on nocturne - the vocals sound a bit rough though, so they prob need more work
the vocals are very rough, my voice would not cooperate this evening... >.O

thank you very much for the comment
Guitars were very tight & the riffs were nice. The mp3 encoding kiiled the sound, but that sorta sh*t happens.
I liked it personally....I prefer the vocal style towards the end of the tune, more so than the beginning. LOL....I'm old & I guess I just favor the singing/growling hybrid a bit more than the straight growling style. But I can't sing at all, so I won't judge. LOL

How do you like the GNX, BTW?
I used to have the GNX1 that I used on a lot of my older recordings, but of course I sold it to buy something else.....I really thinking about picking one up again. They really have some things that they do well....

Anyway, I like it. Lots-O-Potential, IMO.

thanks for the comment ChipShank

I don't know what happened w/the mp3, it sounded fine before i uploaded it. Its the same encoding as the other track I have on there that sounds fine. Oh well.

As for the vocals, I'll have to try messing with them. Like I said above, my voice wasn't cooperating, and thats why I added the lower growl on that to obscure the lead one that totally sucked, lol. The cleaner ones at the end, I thought, did sound better, and I'm glad you thought so too.

The GNX is ok, I have a hard time coming up with a good higain sound that isnt too fizzy or too weak when palm muting, or on the other hand, too bass rich when muting, which becomes too weak when I eq some bass out. But, you can get some really good tones out of it if you tweak and tweak and tweak.

Thanks again for your opinion, sir.
Yeah...mp3s can be a fickle little b*tch sometimes. LOL
The ending vocals did sound a good bit more confident and on target sounded pretty damn good, IMO. BTW, I forgot to mention...the other tune on there "The Warlock" sounds really damn good. I liked that one alot. The riffing on that one was very cool. Interesting & very tight.

I also agree about the GNX, I had those issues as well. It either cut like a knife or farted...very little middle ground. Since I love piling on the tracks, I usually used the GNX for 2 tracks with a good punchy tone & a Johnson J-Station on 2 more tracks for the meatier tone. It didn't always work, but sometimes I could get them to balance each other nicely and get a good composite tone.
By the same token, the GNX did often work well for leads, since it's inherently nasal sounding, upper-mids tone usually cut through the mix pretty well.

Anyway...again, cool tunes man. I enjoyed them.

As mentioned before, the vocals are very rough...some parts not so bad, but others are....not great. No offense, considering you said your voice is out of it tonight.

Guitars were pretty good, I would've liked to hear more harmonized melodies, though...but what you did was fine. Maybe add a pinch harmonic and bend somewhere in there just for the dramatic effect.

A lot of potential for a good song. If I may suggest, clean the vocals up a bit after the keyboard part, and maybe add a bit of harmonizing backup vocals? Then go into straight heavy after that, it'd be a nice pull-and-release.

Good recording quality, by the way. I'm surprised that the drums from Guitar Pro sounded that good.