My family know NOT TO MESS with mums guitars.. they all stay well away...!!! They know what's good for them!!! haha

Last night, my 6yr old had a friend come to play after school... I went into the lounge where my guitars are kept on stands... & said friend was stood there turning the tuning pegs on my Ibanez!! So now it's totally out of tune & i don't have a clue how to fix it.

I've only had the thing a week.. (a beginner at playing) so dont know what i need to re-tune it. I'm guessing i need some kind of electronic tuner, that plugs between the guitar & the amp..?

Any reccommendations for a tuner ?

(& next time i have any pesky kids come over.. the guitar will be shut safetly away out of reach..!)
I doubt it was even in tune when you bought it from the store, unless you got it set up.

You can do it by ear if you has any musical experience. If not go to the guitar store and buy a korg chromatic tuner, its $20.
Just go to your local music store and ask for a chromatic tuner. Something like this.

Try not to get something like this that's marked specifically as a "guitar tuner" because they work fine for standard tuning but they can be a hassle when you start using alternate tunings.
the first thing you need to do is nock that kids lights out! now back to business
#1.do you know how to tune your guitar at all?
#2.does your guitar have a tremolo(whammy bar to noobies)?
http://www.howtotuneaguitar.org/ Online tuner with lots of different options.

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Nope.. no tremolo... & yea i know how to tune.... The guitar was all tuned for me when i bought it. The guy in the shop set it all up for me...

Thanks for the advice, people. I went out & got meself a chromatic tuner. All back in tune now.. but new problem is my amp is broke...!!! but that's another thread.....