The song structures sounded good. Some nice riffs, w/a good driving feel to them.
With no vocals on the first 3 tunes, it's kinda tough to tell how much different or more interesting they might sound. But (and I mean this constructively), with no vocals over them, the riffs do get a bit repetitive, IMO. I like them, they got my attention, but w/o any vocals or leadwork, they didn't really hold my attention the entire time. A real small portion of the playing could stand to be tightened up just a hair as well...nothing major, but it could make a difference in spots.
The same would go for some of the leadwork that is there. IMO, if a solo going to be in there and only a few bars long, it should try to do something to elevate the tune....Bring it to the next level, so to speak. By that, I don't mean flash & speed...but something that builds and propels the tune along, not just mimics the base riff. Just my opinion...and not meant as an insult or anything.

As for the recording itself...as most every metalhead knows, it can be tough to record heavy sounding, distorted guitars w/o them sounding muddy. I think (& I'll admit to not being an audio wiz) that the guitar tones were a little too dark & muddy sounding to really project the power of the riffs properly. I realize that mp3 encoding might not have helped you here...but it was kinda dark & unfocused sounding overall. There really was almost no audible bass at all...it just got eaten up by the low end of the guitars. A little more focused mids in your tones and perhaps a little greater contrast between the two guitar tones might help the guitar project a bit better & give the bass some room to breath as well.
I'd love to give you some real specifics on how to fix it, but like I said, I am no audio wiz at all. I struggle with the same issues all the time in my own tunes...so I probably can't give you any tangible, usable advice on how to really fix it like a top notch producer would. I'm just tossing out things that I hear.

Like I said, don't take any of this as an insult, because it's not. You asked for some constructive feedback and I'm just offering my suggestions & observations. I think the songs overall are very good & I'd love to hear the final versions of them. Keep at it....It's got a ton of potential for some really good things.

To start, a very solid sound on "Time For Change", one thing I would say is to try and pan and tone down the crash during the main riffs.
The song was a pleasent helping of some kick ass hard rock, not too much, and I'm sure with some vocals it will make it even better.

"Change Their ways" as some sweet time variations that attribute to your rep as good song writers.
As in the previous, it is like the perfect serving for me. Holds my attention, even without vocals.

Btw kick ass leads on both the songs.

evil has no boundaries has a BADASS intro guys.
gets you pumped.

Drumming is Phenomenal as well.

thanks for crit btw

i really liked the breakdown in time for change as someone mentioned before. its completely badass. the structure of the songs are really amazing and im impressed with the riffs. you jus tneed some leads and yeah a different tone maybe to give some more room. but i really enjoy the brutal riffs man. its good.
That was awesome man, your tone was a little tight but other than that everything was top notch, as said above i agree with the breakdown placement, it was very tastfully done because you didnt go "BREAKDOWN,BREAKDOWN,MORE BREAKDOWN" instead you used them EFFECTIVELY and tastefully!