my brother is about to buy a epiphone the dot ebony (loverly looking guitar) but he's really into metal and he ownes a high gain ibanez toneblaster stack.
it isn't really the normal metal he's into but more like isis, cult of luna, neurosis, amen ra so it's kind of post-experimental metal, do you think this guitar will do the job? we also play in a band together and i would like to know if the guitar will not vibrate to much at high volumes, i know you have this problem with lots of semi-acoustic guitars but is it so bad? and can you solve it with a noise reduction pedal or something like that?

he should definitely play one before he buys it. That will answer the question of whether the guitar will be well suited his style of playing.
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*waits for EMG comment*
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As long as he gets a nice example and it's set up well, it should be ok. But to be honest, it probably is solid body territory there.
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That guitar plus High gain equals REALLY bad feedback issues. I would highly recommend you look at something else....
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tell him to just get an ibanez
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That amp with an SG has a hell of a lot of feed back.

If he wants that guitar, he'll need to put down about 180 bucks on noise suppressing. Tell him to get the Hum Removal Plug and a Hum Debugger noise gate. Or a Boss pedal would work.
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high gain and hollowbodies dont mix at all, hell hollowbodies feedback off cranked marshall superleads, not much gain there, id tell him to look into a solid body
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Just get an epiphone G-400 with EMG pickups.
It's 100 bucks more an it will actually fit metal playing.
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