i've been thinking of buying a guitar then replace the pickups. i assume this will void the manufacturer's warranty.

the question is, how useful is the warranty? in what situation do i need the warranty? the obvious reasons i can think of are manufacturing errors on the guitar body and hardware and any damage that comes with the guitar when i bought it. maybe some failing hardware after a while.

but lets say i play the guitar for a month or 2-3 and if nothing is wrong with it, do i really need the warranty? and what could happen to a guitar that will have repair costs above lets say 50 euro?
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You may be able to get the pups replaced by a certified tech or something that will allow you to not void the warranty.

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You should ask the company that makes the guitar about their warranty, it differs company to company. I guessing that if you do play with it for 2-3 months then the warranty is useless after that, because it probably only covers stuff like faulty electronics and hardware (probably not the finish or the wood) and if it lasts that long than 3 months then the parts are most likely reliable enough to void the warranty.
It varies from make to make, the more you pay the better the warranty you are going to get.

Fender for example, warrant everything for the first year, after that, it's a lifetime limited warranty that lasts as long as the original purchaser has the guitar.

Fender cover pickups, switches, jacks, controls, all other electronic components, tuning machines, hardware, pickguards, plated surfaces, gig bags, cases and case hardware for one year, and everything else, so you body and neck essentially for as long as you own the guitar but only against poor materials or workmanship after the first year.

So, essentially, if you change the electrics, they won't be covered anymore - but there would be no reason why the rest isn't - as long as you haven't mis-treated them
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