As said in the title. One is a more traditional metal song, the other a sort of symphonic metal song (thats all i can think of to call it :liplick

C4C if you want
I don't have anything to C4C but those are pretty damn solid. Good job.
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Pulse: Intro was good, but when you changed the notes a step up (landing on E) I think at intro 2 you should end on a D. It will help resolve as well as make the change to A in Intro 2 sound better. The rest of the song was solid, if there's vocals (Which I'm assuming there is). Your solo isn't keeping my attention, because of two reasons
1: It's mindless fret-wank (but if that's what you're going for go ahead)
2: There's an impossible sweep in the first bar (10th to 3rd?!)

8/10 Good metal tune

Winds of War: I'm liking this one a lot better. I think if you put some sixteenth-note gallops on the E string in your main riff if would sound more aggressive. The interlude (ala re-intro) is a nice touch. The solo is better than Pulse's, but still sounds like mindless fret-wank. The ending could have been better, but it worked.

8.5/10 I like, but touch up on solo/ending.

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i think Winds of war was a really cool one.It has a good tune/beat/riff, and flows nicely.As aGp, it misses some lyrics so it makes it sound generic during the verse/chorus, but that shall be filled in.I didnt like the solo, Though i wouldnt call it "fret-wank" its still sounds bad.Id change that.

Not the same opinion on Pulse, its more heavier but doesnt make any impression on me.Harmonies were good but i personally didnt like it.Neither the solo, which was wore than WoW().

Work on those solos and they be some nice piece of work
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