Hi, quick question. Can anyone recommend any good online/book resources for a complete beginner? I started playing in January in between my exams and stuff, but I have just wasted my time learning basic riffs which sound good to me at the time. This becomes a problem when I am restricted by my lack of general technique and I have yet to learn a complete song outside of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star . Now that I have the time to really learn how to play properly, I want to start at the beginning.

I would prefer online stuff, but I wouldn't mind shelling out for some decent books.

Please save me before I go and buy "Guitar for Dummies" !

I am....making progress...

I'm a noob player too. I bought Book 1 at the local music store when I started playing my acoustic a couple weeks ago. I really like how this method lays out the lessons. Very easy to digest and it eases you into theory as you progress. Includes CDs you so can hear how the pieces from the lesson are supposed to sound.

The lesson pieces cover a wide variety of different styles of music, and is fine with either acoustic or electric.

I've since bought the spiral bound 3-book set, which was cheaper than getting the individual books 2 & 3. I'm into book 2 now and it's getting pretty meaty.

Good luck!
Cheers I think I learnt to play parts of Sweet Child O' Mine from that Justin dude!

I will have a look for the book this weekend when I go shopping as well.

I am....making progress...