hey people. i jst bought martin j-15 over the internet trading service. the reason i bought it was that it was cheap for a martin!!!! $850 nz dollars usually martins r for 1500 n above in most nz stores. second reason was it is 2 year old ( as they say martins sounds good as they get old) so hope fully it sounds good.

So advice from u ppl is that was this a good trade??? and is this a good guitar?? thnx
The j-15 goes for about $1000 new and martins don't depreciate a whole lot so I'd say that you paid about what you would expect to pay. No great deal, but I don't think you got ripped off either. The real value though is how much you like playing it -- that's a guitar's true worth. And a solid wood guitar will improve with age, but only if you play it! The vibrations relax the bracings and allow the wood to vibrate more freely over time.

Congrats on your new guitar! send pics when you get them!