Last night my amp sounded like one of the pre amp valves was dying (huge drop in volume & aweful fizzy tone). I went to fix it today but thought i'd check if it was alright before i did anything i didn't need to do. so..

Tried the amp out before pulling out any valves and it was absolutely fine. tried it with stuff through the fxloop and it was fine.

so i put it all back to normal with the rat going through the front. i was trying out some white stripes style fuzz last night with it, and i thought i'll try again today. turns out after doing this the amp goes really weird as described earlier. I can't understand how this works but it certainly affects the amp huge drop in volume etc.. aweful tone... I'll try it out again later to see if it goes back to normal.

anyone else had anything like this? if it is the rat and not a valve screwing up i can be rid of the rat in my rig.
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sounds like a valve
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