So I'm thinking of buying a lightweight motorcycle and found This.

It's an '87 Yamaha DT125 for just 650€, just in my budget.

Currently I have a Suzuki PV which I plan to sell in order to afford it, but I want some opinions in it...

Does anyone here have experiences with DT's? are they any good?
I know what to look for when buying bikes, but I want to know if they're reliable and such.

You like it
it's yamaha, nuff said.

meaning that it's good stuff
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About the LHC

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it's yamaha, nuff said.

meaning that it's good stuff

hah, yeah

I've had a YZ80 '86 for a while now, never let(ted?) me down so far

but according to my stepfather the DT's are quite boring, so I wanted to check that out...
You like it
Was good and reliable........ back in '87.

Still could be, depending on what numb-nuts have owned it since.

Also werent they restricted, were in UK. So if still is its likely to be far less thrashed.