hullo, I'm just sitting here with A squier affinity strat, And I have no idea how the 5 way switch works. it is Branded "YKE" and has 8 prongs runnng down One side of it, 1- middle P/up hot
2- neck p/up hot
3- joined to 4
4- volume pot (top lug)
5- tone (1st knob) (middle lug)
6- tone (2nd knob) (bottom lug)
7- bridge p/up hot
8- no connection

It'd be really groovy if someone could put up the lugs that are connected together for each setting (1 to 5) I'd do it myself, But my multimeter's battery is going flat.

Edit: I got the multimeter knid of working, and tested all the sockets. these are what i got from it. There might be the odd mistake, listed are the five switch positions (1=bridge) and all the conections that are joined together at that position:

pos.1 - 7, 4/3
pos.2 - 7,6,4/3, 1
pos.3 - 5,4/3, 2, 1
pos.4 - 5, 4/3, 2, 1
pos.5 - 5, 4/3, 2.

I drew them on a circuit diagram, And they look quite sensible. But how the switch works inside is still a bit of a mystery, I'm thinking about wiring it in series, but I'm not sure You can do it with this kind of switch (I suppose i could always go and buy a new one in a shop)
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OK, I think I might have solved it, But It does seem a bit dodjy...


After looking at this I thought my switch is probably of a similar design. I reached the conclusion that If I was to draw it, the lugs would be numbered like this; (I would just draw it, but photobucket's being a bugger, and this computer is rediculously slow.)

7: B
6: M
5: N
4: C
3: B
2: N
1: M

(8 has no connection, but it sticks out the side in a kind of awkward way, so it's probably for grounding)

what do you think of this? Does it fit the description in the previous post?
by "lugs 4 and 5 (of this pic) already connected internally" Do you mean the two ones joined together on your diagram?

If that's the case, Is it common practice to join lugs 3,4 and 5 all together, Only My switch has two (external) lugs soldered together on it.
I meant that the 2 lugs in the pic going to volume (those are the commons for both sides of the switch; it's a DP5T, after all) are connected internally on your switch, thus you only have 1 lug going to volume.

What do you mean about the second part of your post? Does it have the 2 middle lugs connected like in the pic?
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Does it have the 2 middle lugs connected like in the pic?


the lugs numbered 3 and 4 are joined together.
My switch only has Seven lugs, The 8th one is grounding (i think) for the switch itself, the 8th lug's like a washer thing on one of the screws that hold the metal casing together.

* i'm abandoning wiring it differently, cos i'm seriously poor and Can't afford a battery for my multimeter or wire to join bits together. So It's not really that important any more.

I didn't draw a few thing on the circuit - the line at the bottom is ground, and The jack socket is between the pot's middle lug and ground. The two variable resistors are the two tone knobs, and the pot is the volume knob.
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Woah...that's a wierd switch. I've never seen one like that. I have no idea of the pinout for that...

Just look at the traces and you can see how it works, though.

Where'd you get that?

edit: Just FYI, about that link to the pic of 5-way switches: On the Fender type, that's for American-made switches. Japanese-made ones are reversed.
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It's just a run of the mill, red squier affinity. I think it was bought new from a shop in about 1998 or some time around then...
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that switch in NOT stock squire. it damned sure looks like a Megaswitch S.

real nice merchandise, that.
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that switch in NOT stock squire. it damned sure looks like a Megaswitch S.

real nice merchandise, that.

I'm not completely convinced it's wasn't like that from the factory - When I took the scratchplate off, It still had that clingfilm srinkwrap stuff you get on new guitars stuck underneath bits of it.

Having said that, I did think It was a suspictiously well made switch for such a cheap guitar - It's got this cast metal casing, It's built like a brick ****hoose!
i have a 98 affinity strat (CY serial) w this switch aswell, here is the wiring diagram i found after an hour of searching :

thank god for the wayback machine = )

Please don't necrobump 2 1/2 year old threads, we already have a wiring thread.

And I started at the beginning, read through and for a second thought SYK was posting again, before I looked at the dates.