right tried searching (here and google)and there was nothing that really answered this question, just loads of wiring diagrams that i dont really understand.

im looking to get a new humbucker with 4 connector wires to put in my newly painted hss strat (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=892962) and i really want to coil split it. now these wiring diagrams confuse me a bit. so thinking about it should it just be that i just wire one side of the humbucker to be connected permanatly to the 5-way switch and the other connected to a push pull switch to turn it on/off when i want full humbucker/single coil.

i know there are a lot of threads around this area but they are all a bit confusing so if anyone could just gimme a straight answer or a link to a foolproof guide that would help me

p.s just for info my strat has 1 vol 1 tone and a 5-way switch

That is what you want, if I've read what you are trying to achive right - it's not difficult - you can either use a push/pull switched pot, or a seperate switch (I couldn't fit the pot with the switch under my pickguard, but yours might be different.

It's not difficult to do - you just need to know the colour codes for your pickup leads - if you don't know post what it is here.
It's the rectangle with the 6 circles on it, attached to the volume pot.