hey people.

just wondering if anyone can play the solo yet!!

i made the tab a while ago (fairly accurately i believe) and am curious
if anyone has conquered this beast of a song yet.

tell me if ya can!!
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It's not that hard...

He uses only a couple box shapes for the climax of the solo live, and I know both of them. The other parts of the solo are no problem.

If any of y'all want any help on it, PM me...
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I'm pretty sure Buckethead has

It's possible.
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i know its possible, how did i know that was gonna turn all "smartass"

there is no right forum, and it was a genuine question.

there was a really high demand for the tab, so i made it, i was just cruious if anyone had learn it.
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i know its possible, how did i know that was gonna turn all "smartass"

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I was doing a cover of it but I got bored after the first 1 minute, I hate those kind of solos, I can't be arsed to memorize them.