We have six songs up from our second cd but only for a short time, its just so everyone can get a pretty good preview of it. Let me know what you think about the guitar tones and songs. We ended up using a Sennheiser E 609 and a Shure Beta 52A for microphones. As far as amps we used the Egnater head that our lead guitar player built and his Block Letter Peavey 5150. We tracked two tracks a side, one with the Egnater and one with the 5150. We boosted the Egnater with a Digitech Bad Monkey and used no boost on the 5150. The sound is HUGE with this combo, its amazing.

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And where do I go to hear this?

i agree. btw, yor sig isn't correct. the heartbeat is simply an optional bonus.
My name is Danny. Call me that.

it's ok. not the most original, but it does the job
My name is Danny. Call me that.
**** your God is the title to a Deicide song, and I'm not a big fan of this type of metal, like, hard to describe, like deathcore of a sort (but I hate the suffix 'core') but although I'm not a big fan, you do it well, so good luck