i'm thinking about picking up this guitar, and maybe putting this trem on it. Would this work? I dont really know much about upgrading gear, but can I do that with the semi hollow body?
You could probably find a way of doing it but personally I think both of those things look quite bad. You could probably find better gear.
Hi, i think it should work, but it will be really expensive. It's a big work that have to be done by a professional.
if the bits not from guitar fetish and you get it dont by a luthier, simply because you dont seem to know what your doing and its a hollow body, if you screw up the guitars bugerd basically lol
oh i see what it is!

yeah you could do it, in all honesty it probably wouldnt be too hard, just dont mess up on the measurements
thatd be your only challenge i think
The existing bridge would need replaced with a roller style and wouldnt be a string thru anymore. And that trem your looking at isnt for heavy use its more of a vibrato like a bigsby. It wont do dive bombs and things like that. The super cheap guitar fetish stuff wont hold up long and will probably have tuning problems.