Anyone have either/both of these?

I tried them together and can get a really good deal on them. Also I actually preferred the tone over an Eden WT 300 Watt and Nemesis 4x10, it just has more of an edge, and the compressor is a bit more logical to use.

Anyways, if anyone has/had one, do you have any stories of unreliability (hopefully not from someone like Warwick)?
Ive never had one, but warwick is not the company to accuse for being unreliable.I think you should go for it.
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If you meant the ProFet 3.2 head than I have the exact same model. I like it very much, it has got very much tonal versatility (wich is the most important for me). Only two things I miss: a graphic EQ (NOT replacing the 4-band parametric), and/or a footswich for the Contour. One or both of these would be very useful. But if changing the tone during a song is not that much important for you than it's very much alright because with a good cab (for example the matching cab you mentioned) you can set up almost any tone even with a mid-category bass.
The other part: I've never heard of a warwick being unreliable but one should always be careful with korean/chinese/taiwan etc models, regardless of the brand.
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