I've looked through all the "relevent" forums and honestly can't decide where to put this, so this will have to do.

I've been playing bass for 3 years and never even thought about this.

My mate has an Aria 6-string bass that he's lending me and it's missing the high C string. 6-string sets are about $70 around here and I honestly can't afford it. SO, I was wondering, since the Ernie Ball 6-string set has a .032 as a High C, can I just use a .032 gauge GUITAR string? Or is the difference too dramatic not to even try.

Sorry if that sounds stupid, I just never thought about it.

Thanks in advance guys.

they are the same string essentially but a guitar string isn't nearly long enough to string a 35" scale bass
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It won't reach, and if it does, it will be really fragile and really easy to break.
aaciseric: Not for a 6-string bass around here. It's near impossible to find 6-string SETS let alone individual strings.
IHC: Didn't think of that. Thanks dude.