hey i just got a new digitech hot rod distortion pedal and i can't remember any great songs that use distorion except like hendrix and pantera and soundgarden grunge like stuff.... if you guys could give me some more songs or band that would be tight. peace
"Milquetoast" by Helmet
And Metallica stuff etc.
Did you know that pretty much metal bands use distortion?
Early Metal like Black Sabbath would be appropriate I should think
Anything that isn't indie or acoustic pretty much
For jazz and blues you'd have to turn down the gain, but seriously, listen to pretty much anything and you'll hear distortion
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lol, since when did Jimi use distortion? It's all amp-overdrive and fuzz from a fuzzface

Get some Dio (like the Holy Diver stuff), Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen or Paul Gilbert stuff....

I know it's hard to play most of the time, but great stuff to study
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Black Sabbath is good to start with. You could mess around with "Sweet Leaf" (very easy)
Nirvanna mostly, and their songs are easy
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