My guitar teacher gave me some jazzy/bluesy stuff to learn the other week (unfortunately I don't know what it was, some grade thing) and I've been thinking of incorpoating it into my own metal stuff for a Between the Buried and Me/Dream Theater kind of sound.

So I wondered what kind of scales and techniques would be needed here? I normally use Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor scales with a few modes thrown in there as well.

Sorry, you guys probably get about 5 threads like this every day, but help is appreciated.

Deep knowledge of all the modes is needed for jazz soloing, particularly the Lydian and Dorian. Also learn the be-bop scale and melodic minor, which are helpful. Listening to lots and lots of jazz songs and transcribing your favorite guitarists is invaluable.

One of the simpler ways to solo in jazz is to solo not based on scales but on chord shapes and tone colors. Examine each chord in the song and incorporate whatever tone coloring notes it uses, for example if a song calls for a Fm7#11 try to fit the sharp 11th while soloing in the tonic. And of course one of the most important aspects is making sure it SWINGS! Jazz soloing is very difficult but very rewarding, so good luck.