Attempt number three now that people have finally told me wear the gg&a forum is.

Right now in my pedals line up im using Digitech Death Metal and Hot Head Pedals. the death metal is no problem for most stuff up until i get to needing a softer more harmonic tone for strumming riffs (my band is not your normal band) the problem im running into is i can get the right tone with my hot head but i have to leave it on under my Death Metal pedal and i get some ****ty sounds with that. what should i do/use for my lighter sounds?
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turn down your guitar's volume knob?
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you could probably get it by NOT using a digitech pedal

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

well, you could try and turn it off when your Death Metal is on...
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^ This, unless you want new pedals. But clicking two pedals on/off is easy enough

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it comes to the point that switching between two pedals at the same time is really annoying.
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